A Few Thoughts on Digital Marketing

Everyone to an extent is doing some digital marketing, one way or another from selling on Gumtree, Facebook groups (you know it – Alternate Clothing Melbourne, Monash Market Place, Monash Sell Your Space, Flatmates, etc.)

Some ads are good, some bad and some better but all requires at least some visual and personal messages to appear more legit, to not appear junk-ish and automatically put into the spam/malware side.

Should a good writer normally be a good blogger that can create great/viral contents? There is an opinion of Darren Rowse (https://problogger.com/is-a-blog-right-for-you/)– CERTAINLY agree all the points Darren made


However, is great content everything? Should the ability to sell matters too for marketers?

I was an Account Intern at an online health and beauty shop last summer. During the job I knew some great content writer with some in-depth knowledge of products, ingredients – their posts get tens of thousands of traffics. But sales just did not pick up!

I’d like to discover really what it takes and what are the techniques required for writing online marketing contents that sell! What contributes to customers’ purchase decision making process?


Also, what are behind the provoking and sometimes disturbing images and videos that get viral so often?

Videos on picking out gigantic earwax, pimple popping get so many likes and shares

Safe to assume that visual (even disgusting) plays a major part in the creating a viral post – by encouraging viewers’ emotions and reactions?

Sometimes perhaps the extremeness of the posts?



According to Ceros, everyday, about 27 millions of things are posted online.

On average, each and everyone of us sees about 285 posts/24 hours! (Well take away the 7 hours sleeping ~ 17 posts/hour awake – that is a LOT!)

Moreover, it is on the rise – the amount of content that get pushed online by marketers in 2016 is 1.5 times in 2015

I really can not wait to see the statistics of 2017, since all the new technology, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, etc. get people so hooked (myself included – big time! :D)


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