A few innovations and online marketing schemes and  that caught my attention lately are

Selfie Pay from Mastercard – allows users to take a selfie for authentication

NO longer the worry about forgetting your pin and password and get locked out of your account while traveling

And did they say selfie? Who doesn’t love that 😛

We have all seen it! Biometric authentication – fingerprint to unlock your iPhone, facial recognition for Android and Window devices


Digital Cash

Samsung, Smartlink and Ingenico Introduce the “Contactless Companion Platform” To Enable “Digital Cash for Everyone”

If you think you have seen it – Apple and Android pay? – Not really

This focus on the migration of cash into digital cash for those who currently have no access to a bank account and payment cards. In less developed countries and rural areas where it mostly still is cash-based and not everyone has a bank account, this will be big!

What’s more? Bitcoin!


Even the Australian banking industry is moving to “humanless” service and is predicted to have no bank teller job in the next 2 years? (so I heard from a lecturer in one of my class last semester)


Hotel in Japan where all the staffs are bots – and they all look too human!


Passenger – robot bartender with witty comments and even a slight bit of sympathy and empathy


Suits TV series – “The Donna” – where a machine is programmed to learn and replicate from humans then eventually teach itself to how to react to different social situation


If bots will speedily be taking over the world – starting way before from machinery manufacturing to automatic reply, supermarket checkout, bank telling job, bot companions then what else?


The world of possibility! But where will humans stand?


(Data scientist! – Airbnb is training their own data scientists since we need more!)


Your thoughts?


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