The world we are living in today is fascinating where consumer power and rights are respected better than ever, which is the perfect environment for online social marketing.

All brands seek to increase customer engagement with their brands, and ultimately earn the lifetime loyalty they all wanted.

Online, by ways in which having a channel for their customers to subscribe to, an online platform to interact with consumers to firstly educate potential customers, and build brand loyalty in the long term

And seeking for endorsements from popular Instagrammers, Facebooker, Bloggers, to name a few is 1 effective way to reach your target niche market.

Since it targets and utilises the selected and most trusted channel that consumers educate themselves with new products offering in the market. It can be seen as a hybrid of words of mouth (or referral) and regular online advertising.

The potential growth rate of this method is unimaginable. For example, Kayla Itsines, a 24-year-old Australian-based fitness guru, whose 12-week Transformation Program is now a global success with millions of subscribers worldwide and English, French, German, Italian and Spanish translations. She made her mark not only in Australian market but also internationally.

What the business did was getting their users to share their fitness journey online as a way to keep them on track as well as get the business’s name into the users’ networks. Their marketing materials and stories are produced by their consumers every day, spreading their brands through using their current customer base. prosumer

Or latest is a café in Melbourne who serve their coffee in an avocado hit every news page I follow on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

HOWEVER, together with being able to build brand personality through online brand consistency, brands need to be humble and honest when marketing online. Because, as speedy as the positive press can go viral, negative press has a similar power. It is not hard to find customers’ complaints that goes viral overnight these days Facebook.


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