Mobile Marketing

According to a PwC’s research, in 2016

  • Mobile Devices overtook Desktop in Internet Usage Worldwide
  • Mobile Commerce was 34% of all eCommerce Global Transaction
  • 69% Emails are opened on Mobile Devices (Major Mail Chimp Moment!)
  • Users convert to purchase 3 times more often on mobile apps than mobile webs
  • Nearly 60% searches are from mobile devices

The popularity and necessity of mobile devices are undeniable in this modern world. Phone and table screens are getting bigger – more convenient to do everything on it on the go, not necessarily have to be on a laptop if you don’t have to.


How to successfully interact and connect with consumers through mobile and social media marketing it consists of four components

  1. Individualise advertisement activities are tailored to target every single customer though database and analytics.
  2. Involve is applied to encourage two-way interactions between suppliers and consumers, and create a sense of closeness, thus loyalty in the long-term.
  3. Integrate, to develop a marketing scheme that consumers enjoy being part of, at the same time help pushing the brand image out into the market.
  4. Initiate is where brand creates a connection with their consumers by inviting them to take part in the marketing scheme via User Generated Content


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